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Cutting Edge Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment and Consulting

All extraction methods are not created equal. Choose Illuminated Extractors, and take your production capabilities to the next level.

World-Class Extraction at Scale

Bigger, faster, more cost-effective extraction is the name of the game.

The world of legal botanicals is bigger than flower, and consumer demand for extracted products—from oil to shatter and everything in between—is increasing. Our equipment, driven by patented technology, allows you to keep up with demand without sacrificing quality.

What began as frustration with the inability to scale our own extraction operation became a groundbreaking, turnkey system for solvent-based extraction that is the best-kept secret in the business—for now, anyway.

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Why Illuminated Extractors?

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We’ve been in the extraction business for over ten years, and we were the frustrated manufacturers, trying our best to eliminate bottlenecks and produce high-quality products. So we started Illuminated Extractors to solve for the customer.

Thanks to our groundbreaking technology that does not use heaters or chillers, our equipment is the industry-leader when it comes to efficiency. Our equipment is easy to use, can handle higher volume, and produces better results—meaning higher profits.

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The cost of your equipment is the actual cost, with no hidden installation fees and no extras needed down the line. Everything is included in the price. And because our equipment does not rely on CO2 or nitrogen, you can expect additional cost savings.

We don’t disappear once the check clears. We consult with you before even considering offering a quote, and we’re with you every step of the way, helping you build a system that works for your business. Then, when you’re up and running, we’re just an email or a phone call away for any questions, concerns, or service needs.

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What Does Illuminated Extractors Offer?

We’re disrupting the botanical extraction industry not just by creating the best extraction equipment but by assisting our clients throughout the process.


We offer the best equipment in the industry: high-efficiency models for even the largest scale operations. So don’t worry about your output overloading your Illuminated Extractors equipment—we’ve got you covered.

Service & Maintenance

Our service team will design and fabricate a bespoke system. You don’t need to worry about missing parts, replacement delays, or a system with superfluous equipment. And we will be there for any maintenance needs.


Don’t get bogged down in the technical specs, and don’t worry about being sold a piece of equipment you don’t need. Instead, we’ll help you build a system from the ground up that suits your needs exactly—no more and no less.

Interested in learning more about how Illuminated Extractors can take your business to the next level? Contact us today.