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Disruption is in our DNA.

The Illuminated Extractors Story

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We founded Illuminated Extractors with a simple mission: to provide an innovative, intuitive, and disruptive turnkey solution for large-scale hydrocarbon extraction.

Our team started out building expertise with raw plant materials and endlessly brainstorming (and developing) groundbreaking extraction methods to meet the needs of the growing botanical industry.

And as botanical legalization began to spread, we used our forward-thinking approach to bring a misunderstood, stigmatized, and once underground industry into the light.

Building better is the name of our game.

We create hydrocarbon extraction systems that allow producers to level up their success.

Illuminated Extractors envisions, develops, and builds machines that refine botanicals quickly and cost-efficiently.

Our systems are efficient and affordable. And they won’t compromise quality and consistency (never will we).

Illuminated Extractors understands the unique challenges botanical extract producers face, and we’re prepared to help our clients stand out in a crowded market.

We eternally push innovation, building disruptive yet affordable systems you can count on for extraction excellence.

Our Mission, Visions, and Values

With Illuminated Extractors, what you see is what you get. We’re proud of our product and pricing transparency.
You’ll have a fully functional system at the end of your purchasing journey. And you won’t have to invest in additional products or processes.

We’re the botanical extraction industry’s best-kept-secret because we put innovation first.
Developing disruptive technologies that function at peak capacity has always been our goal. But we’re also focused on our responsive customer support framework to guide users like you through your extraction journey.

Above all, we’re committed to excellence.
Illuminated Extractors is here to help you reach your highest potential with advanced technologies and the hands-on support your business needs.

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