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Unparalleled Extraction Equipment to Create Exceptional ProductS

Wax, Budder, Shatter, Oil, and More

Illuminated Extractors equipment uses groundbreaking technology that increases efficiency without sacrificing quality. Use one system to create many textures, from diamonds and sauces to distillate-ready oils.

Complete Systems

Whether you’re a small, family-run business or scaling operations to enter the national market, our turnkey hydrocarbon extraction systems have everything you need—and nothing you don’t.

Our systems come with proprietary wiped-film evaporators capable of handling up to 350 PSI, and are explicitly designed to eliminate the need for expensive chillers or heaters. That means, no matter the size of your operation, your Illuminated Extractor equipment provides on-demand heating and cooling, allowing constant operation, no matter the volume of your output.


No matter the size of your business, we have a system for you. Don’t see what you need? Visit our custom fabrication page.

Manticore R500 Series Extractor

The Manticore

The most efficient system on the market. A four-column extraction vessel capable of processing wet or dry material without additional chillers or heaters. The Manticore can make all concentrates available on the market today.

Behemoth R600 Series Extractor

The Behemoth R600

Large-scale extraction, capable of running up to 100 pounds per hour. A ten-column extraction system that will take your output to the next level. Operate all ten columns separately or simultaneously, allowing you to create products for multiple clients at once.

Behemoth R800 Series Extractor

The Behemoth R800

The market's largest, fastest extraction system today and the big brother to the Behemoth R600. Run up to 300 pounds per hour.

E-4k Pro Model Extractor

The E-4k Pro Model

Our flagship machine that’s perfect for bespoke operations. Process up to 20 pounds every 8 hours, no need for chillers or other extras.

E-4k Turbo Pro Model Extractor

The E-4k Turbo Pro

A single column extractor capable of processing up to 200 pounds per day. Save space without sacrificing power or output.

E-4k Turbo + (Max) Extractor

The E-4k Turbo+ Max Pro

Our dual-column extractor can process up to 30 pounds per hour, so you never have to stop operations.


Our extractors are complete systems, but sometimes you need an upgrade. So take your extractions to the next level.

Rotary Cannabinoid Miner

Rotary Miner

Capable of using many pressurized solvents, this versatile system allows for advanced plant chemical compound conversions.

Extal Cannabinoid Crystallization Set

Xtal Cannabinoid Crystallization Set

We designed our modular diamond mining set explicitly for large-scale acidic molecule preservation.

GD-1 Rolled-Film Evaporator

GD-1 Rolled Film Evaporator

The heart of our groundbreaking systems. Increase the speed of your extraction equipment by recovering solvent quickly and efficiently. No waiting before dumping means turning over operations and producing more.

IE Sensor

The IE Sensor

You can simplify processes, automate tasks, and extract smarter with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered extraction sensor.

Interested in learning more about how Illuminated Extractors can take your business to the next level?