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Extraction Equipment

E-4k Pro Model Extractor


Illuminated Extractors flagship model is available in Base, Mid and Pro Models.  2-5lb columns available in jacketed or unjacketed.

Behemoth Pro Model Extractor


The Behemoth is our large-scale industrial sized hydrocarbon extractor.  Crude oil extractor capable of running up to 1000 lbs per shift*.

GD-1 Wiped Film Evaporator


400 PSI mechanical seal is suited for recovery of hydrocarbon solvents.  Rotary motor and PTFE wiper blades allow for much faster solvent recovery than falling film evaporators.

E-4k Turbo Unit

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Extract up to 200lbs of material in a single shift using our E-4k Turbo Unit.

The DaVinci Sensor


The Illuminated Extractors Distillation Assisstant Tool.  Track your data in real time to distinguish more accurate readings on a short-path system.

Arcanna Recovery System


A rising/falling film evaporator for the recapture of ethanol, heptane and pentane.