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The Manticore Four-Column Extractor

The Manticore R500 Series Pro Model Extractor is undeniably the most energy-efficient extraction system for live resin ever built. It requires NO heater for operation and can reach -60°C in a matter of minutes on a minimal amp draw of only 17 amps on average. 

This system actually uses less power the colder it gets, and is the only extraction system on the market that extracts, heats, and cools all using its own hydrocarbon gas source. It is a four-column extractor capable of processing 50+ lbs. per hour.

The Manticore R500 Series

For the lab looking to take its operations to the next level.

Manticore’s biggest strengths are versatility and power. Capable of processing wet or dry material, the Manticore can make all concentrates available on the market today, from live resin to shatter to diamonds (and more). The crude from the Manticore can further be processed into distillate.

Thanks to our groundbreaking GD-1 rolled film evaporator, rated at 350 PSI, the Manticore can constantly operate without needing expensive chillers or heaters.

Your solution can be run through our superior filtration system to remove carotenoids, heavy metals, pesticides, waxes, and other undesirables, giving you a clean, high-quality product. The Manticore can process up to 40 pounds of biomass per hour, making this machine perfect for any lab looking to scale its operation to several hundred pounds of biomass per day.

Ready to discuss if the Manticore is the right machine for your lab? Reach out to us today!

System specifications:

  • 88.8-liter extraction volume
  • All-stainless steel design for cGMP compliance
  • LPG-rated valves
  • Explosion-proof scale
  • Nylon biomass inserts
  • Capable of processing up to fifty pounds per hour

*Please note: the actual throughput will vary depending on the desired final product, solvent blend, and other factors.

Included with every Manticore:

  • 300-pound ASME supply tank
  • Tube-in-shell heat exchanger
  • GD-1 solvent recovery system
  • Projack refrigerant system rated to -60℃
  • Custom stand
  • Oil separator
  • User manual and Standard Operating Procedure manual
  • Recovery pump
  • Collection vessel
  • Clamps & hoses
  • CRC columns

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Ready to discuss if the Manticore is the right machine for your lab? Reach out to us today!