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E-4k Turbo Pro Extractor

For the boutique lab that wants to offer the full range of concentrates without compromise.

E-4k Turbo Pro

For the lab that wants to offer the full range of concentrates while maintaining a boutique operation.

The smallest rack-mounted system we make, the E-4K Turbo Pro, is our cult classic Manticore on a smaller scale.

This machine boasts a single ten-pound column and can process up to 100 pounds daily or about 12 pounds per hour, depending on the material being processed. In addition, the Turbo Pro can process wet and dry material, make all concentrates currently available on the market, and, thanks to our industry-changing thermal control system, reach temperatures as low as -60℃.

Local markets are strong, and this is the machine you want if you’re looking to expand the products you offer without expanding market coverage.

The E-4K Turbo Pro is perfect for the lab that wants to offer its loyal customers more options.

System specifications:

  • 22-liter extraction volume
  • All stainless steel design for cGMP compliance
  • LPG-rated valves
  • Explosion-proof scale
  • Nylon biomass inserts
  • Capable of processing up to 100 pounds per day

*Please note: the actual throughput will vary depending on the desired final product, solvent blend, and other factors.

Included with every E-4K Turbo Pro:

  • Supply tank
  • Tube-in-shell heat exchanger
  • GD-1 solvent recovery system
  • Custom stand
  • Oil separator and gas dryer
  • User manual
  • Copy of certification and technical report
  • Clamps & hoses

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