E-4K Turbo Hydrocarbon Extractor with GD-1 wiped film evaporator, ASME 30lb, and Corken Pump

E-4k Turbo Pro model extractor

Additional E-4K Turbo Information

The E-4k Turbo Pro Model Extractor is a single column extraction vessel, capable of processing up to 200lbs of wet or dry material per day.  This system comes complete with a wiped falling film evaporator for constant operation and faster throughput.  This patent pending GD-1 is the only wiped film evaporator of its kind in the world, rated to 350 PSI.  It is the tool that experienced technicians want in their arsenal.  The E-4k Turbo eliminates the guesswork from extraction

 Included with this model:

- User Manual & SOP

- Custom Stand

- Oil Separator

- 30 or 100# ASME Supply Tank

- Tube-in-shell Heat Exchanger

- GD-1 Solvent Recovery System

- Clamps & Hoses

- Jacketed Columns: 6” x 48” (x2)

- Collection Vessel

- Chilling Recirculator for condenser and inner tank coil

- Heating Recirculator

- Recovery Pump

System Specifications:

- Capable of High Pressure Hydrocarbon Extraction™

- Nylon Biomass Inserts 

- 21 CFM Vacuum Pump

- 22.2 Liter Extraction Volume

- 100 Amp Electrical Service is Required

- All Stainless Steel Design for cGMP

- LPG Rated Valves

- Explosion Proof Scale

- Meets or exceeds all industry listed standards for: ASME Section VIII, IFC 3904.4, NFPA 1:, 3-A Sanitary Standard, C1D1, NSF and UL21.

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