Unleashing Unbeatable Cost Savings: Illuminated Extractors’ Revolutionary Approach


In the ever-evolving cannabis and hemp industry, optimizing operational costs is crucial to staying competitive and maximizing profitability. Illuminated Extractors is at the forefront of this revolution, introducing groundbreaking cost-saving solutions that are reshaping the extraction landscape. Here we explore how Illuminated Extractors’ unbeatable cost savings can transform your business, giving you the edge, you need in today’s market.

In this discussion, our focus shifts to the utilization of propane in cannabis extraction. Propane, whether used alone or in combination with butane, proves advantageous for preserving cannabinoids and terpenoids.

The Power of ProJak Refrigeration

Traditional extraction processes often rely on powerful chillers and heaters to control temperatures, which come at a significant cost in terms of electricity consumption. However, Illuminated Extractors has pioneered a game-changing solution – the ProJak Refrigeration system. This patent-pending technology eliminates the need for energy-intensive chillers and heaters, resulting in remarkable cost savings ranging from 70% to 90% on electricity expenses. By using ProJak Refrigeration, you can achieve temperature control more economically and in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods.

Reduce Operational Expenditure (OpEx)

In today’s competitive market, reducing operational costs is crucial for sustainable success. Illuminated Extractors’ innovative approach helps businesses significantly cut down on their OpEx. By minimizing electricity consumption through the elimination of power-hungry chillers and heaters, you can redirect those savings towards other critical areas of your operation. These cost reductions positively impact your bottom line, allowing you to reinvest in growth, research and development, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Optimize Capital Expenditure (CapEx)

Acquiring and maintaining extraction equipment can be a significant capital investment. Illuminated Extractors’ cost-saving solutions not only impact operational expenses but also optimize CapEx. By eliminating the need for expensive chillers and heaters, our equipment becomes more affordable and accessible to businesses of varying sizes. This empowers both startups and established enterprises to invest in high-quality extraction systems without compromising their financial stability. With Illuminated Extractors, you can save on upfront costs and allocate those resources towards scaling your operations or exploring new opportunities.

When employing hydrocarbon solvent blends, operators may opt for slightly higher pressures than those used when utilizing pure butane as the solvent. Among the commonly chosen blends, processors often opt for either a 70% butane and 30% propane blend, an evenly balanced 50/50 blend, or a 70% propane 30% butane blend.

Both butane and propane have received a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It’s important to keep in mind many propane and butane providers utilize methyl mercaptan to help identify leaks. So, sourcing your instrument-grade solvent from a reputable provider such as Solvent Direct ensures your solvent remains uncontaminated and pure. Instrument grade solvent is at least 99.5% pure.

Before placing an order for propane or butane, always ask the vendor to provide a COA (certificate of analysis) documenting the PPM (parts per million) of constituents in their solvent. It is now considered best practice for labs to distill butane and/or propane after recovery/before injection.

Enhanced Profitability and Competitive Advantage

The cannabis and hemp industry is rapidly evolving, with tightening profit margins and increasing competition. Illuminated Extractors’ unbeatable cost savings provide a substantial advantage to businesses striving for profitability. By reducing electricity costs, you can produce boutique products at a fraction of the expense, making your offerings more competitive in the market. These cost savings enable you to price your products more competitively, capture a larger market share, and ultimately enhance your profitability.

Impact on Boutique Products and Terpene Preservation

The demand for boutique cannabis and hemp products, such as live resin and fresh frozen extracts, is on the rise. These products require meticulous terpene preservation, requiring operating systems at temperatures below -50°C. Running such low temperatures traditionally consumes significant amounts of energy. However, with Illuminated Extractors’ ProJak Refrigeration system, achieving and maintaining these temperatures becomes far more cost-effective. This allows you to meet the growing demand for premium products while optimizing costs and maintaining the quality your customers expect.


Illuminated Extractors’ unbeatable cost savings are revolutionizing the cannabis and hemp extraction industry. By eliminating power-hungry chillers and heaters and implementing the innovative ProJak Refrigeration system, businesses can significantly reduce their electricity costs, enhance operational efficiency, and boost profitability. Whether you’re a startup, a mid-sized enterprise, or an established industry leader, Illuminated Extractors’ cost-saving solutions provide you with a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market. Embrace the future of extraction with Illuminated Extractors and unlock unparalleled cost savings that will drive your business to new heights.



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