XT106 Crystallizer

XT106 Crystallizer

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The XT106 Crystallizer is a highly efficient machine for the crystallization of refined oils. The third stage in isolate production is the crystallization or xtal stage. Once you have extracted and distilled your product through the post-processing stages, this machine will produce crystals in an isolation process. Every component is rated for the necessary solvents as well as the working environment. The control box is mounted on the outside wall and piped into operating the explosion-proof rotary motor. The jacketed glass reactor is rated down to -60ºC for faster reactivity. 

Our turnkey system comes complete with heating and cooling recirculator for faster thermal transfer. A custom fabricated fluid transfer plate (FTP) allows for recirculators and vacuum pump to be

placed outside the C1D2 environment. Turn your high quality distillate into high quality isolate

by following our easy steps. Consulting and on-site training available thru Illuminated Extractors.

Included with this model:

- 20 Liter Reactor with Stainless Steel or PTFE bottom

- Explosion Proof UL Listed C1D2 Motor

- PTFE Lined Fluid Lines

- Condenser for solvent recovery

- PTFE wiper blades for constant mixing

- Control Box with adjustable speed

- Chilling and Heating Recirculator

- Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump 

- Fluid Transfer Plate

- Internal Temperature Gauge

- Bottom Drains

- Stand and Operation Manual

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