The Arcanna Rising-Falling Film Evaporator, Solvent Recovery

The arcanna solvent recovery system

Additional Information

The Arcanna Solvent Recovery System was designed to recover multiple solvents requiring advanced extraction techniques.  It is a rising and falling film evaporator for the separation of solvents from your extracted materials.  In an ethanol lab it can be used to recover your EtOH thru a process of heating the solvent into a vapor and condensing it after has been separated from your product.  Similarly it can be used to recover both heptane or pentane from your mother liquor in an isolation process.

It has two heat exchangers that supply heat to boil your solvent when running under vacuum.  The vapor expansion space allows for larger surface area to expand quickly.  Conversely the other two heat exchangers run cold to condense your solvent back into a liquid, leaving you with a purged final product and solvent that can be reused.  It is controlled by running pumps for less labor intensive operation.

Included with this model:

          -  Steam Supply or Recirculating Heater

          -  Refrigerating Recirculator for Condenser

          -  Vacuum Cup

          -  Custom Stand

          -  1” Supply Line

          -  Heat Exchangers (4)

          -  PTFE Gaskets, Clamps

          -  User Manual and Standard Operating  Procedutes

          -  Stainless Steel Design

          -  Food Grade Material

          -  UL Listed Vacuum Pump

          -  UL Listed Transfer Pumps x2

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