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E-4k Pro Model Extractor

E-4K Pro Model Hydrocarbon Extractor

Illuminated Extractors flagship model is available in Base, Mid and Pro Models.  2-5lb columns available in jacketed or unjacketed.

Behemoth Pro Model Extractor

The Behemoth Pro Model Hydrocarbon Extractor

The Behemoth is our large-scale industrial-sized hydrocarbon extraction unit.  Crude oil extractor capable of running up to 1000 lbs per day. 

E-4k Turbo Unit

E-4k Turbo Hydrocarbon Extractor

Extraction speeds up to 200lbs of material in a day using our E-4k Turbo Unit. 

GD-1 Wiped Film Evaporator

GD-1 Wiped Film Evaporator, Solvent Recovery

400 PSI mechanical seal is suited for the recovery of hydrocarbon solvents. Rotary motor and PTFE wiper blades allow for much faster solvent recovery speeding up extraction times

E-4k Turbo Expansion Kit

E-4k Turbo Expansion Kit for Hydrocarbon Extractor

Add this to your exsisting turbo unit  to increase processing speeds up to 500 lbs a day

Arcanna Recovery System

The Arcanna Rising-Falling Film Evaporator, Solvent Recovery

A rising/falling film evaporator for the recapture of ethanol, heptane and pentane.

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Teaser Video for the 2019 NoCo Hemp Expo.  Extraction Equipment for essential oils from botanical matter.


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