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GD-1 Rolled-Film Evaporator

GD-1 Rolled Film Evaporator

Additional Information

Illuminated Extractors hydrocarbon purging system.  Easily purges solvents to speed up bottom drain recovery times.  No more waiting to recover solvent before dumping.  Rotary motor increases surface area to quickly and efficiently remove solvent.  

– User Manual & Standard Operating Procedures

– Custom Stand

– Safety Pressure Switch for worry-free operation

– Jacketed Rotary Evaporation Chamber

– Vacuum Pump

– C1D1 Rated Drive Motor

– Made of Nylon & Stainless Steel

– Closed-Loop LP Gas Collection System

– 18 – 36 kW Heating Recirculator for Standalone Models

The GD-1 was designed to recover the majority of residual hydrocarbons (Butane or Propane) prior to  distillation in an isolation process or when creating concentrates to reduce oven residency time.

Time spent using vacuum ovens is greatly reduced due to the increased surface area created by the rollers. 

This machine works in conjunction with the  Behemoth Pro Model Extractor, E-4k Turbo and Manticore to recover gas.  Creates a completely closed loop system and greatly increases solvent recovery capabilities.

**The specifications on this website were current at time of publication, but because of our policy of continuous improvement Illuminated Extractors reserves the right to change specifications at any time and without prior notice, without incurring obligations.

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