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E-4K Turbo+ Max Pro Model Extractor

For the small lab that wants to maintain quality and consistency while scaling.

E-4k Turbo + (Max) Extractor

E-4K Turbo+ Max Pro Model Extractor

For the lab that wants to maintain a boutique feel while covering a large market.

The largest of our boutique extractors, the Turbo+ Max Pro, has two ten-pound columns capable of constant processing. As a result, your lab can operate nonstop, scaling operations while maintaining a small footprint.

Able to process up to 200 pounds of biomass per day or approximately 25 pounds per hour, depending on what material you’re working with, the Turbo+ Max Pro is the most efficient extractor of its size on the market.

Thanks to the dual column design, your lab can run non-stop extraction, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. No more stopping operations while you remove spent biomass or massive power bills for constant operation, making the Turbo+ Max Pro the perfect machine for the lab that wants to maximize output while maintaining boutique quality.

System specifications:

  • 44-liter extraction volume
  • All stainless steel design for cGMP compliance
  • LPG-rated valves
  • Explosion-proof scale
  • Nylon biomass inserts
  • Capable of processing up to 200 pounds per day

*Please note: the actual throughput will vary depending on the desired final product, solvent blend, and other factors.

Included with every E-4K Pro Series extractor:

  • Supply tank
  • Tube-in-shell heat exchanger
  • GD-1 solvent recovery system
  • Custom stand
  • Oil separator and gas dryer
  • User manual
  • Copy of certification and technical report
  • Clamps & hoses

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