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The Behemoth XL R800 10-Column Extractor

The Behemoth Pro Model Extractor is the largest and fastest hydrocarbon extractor designed specifically for Hemp and Cannabis on the market today. All TEN COLUMNS can be operated independently or simultaneously for constant operation. Dual-sided recovery tanks allow the user to process multiple cultivars or for separate clients. Each jacketed column is 22.2 litres in volume and capable of running wet or dry material. All ten columns come equipped with on-demand ProJak™ Refrigeration Control saving money on CapEx and OpEx.

Behemoth R800 Series Extractor

The Behemoth XL R800 Series

For the biggest labs in the game who need extra power without the extra headache.

The Behemoth XL R800 is the bigger brother to the R600, and it’s the most powerful extractor on the market today, taking what the R600 can do and cranking it up to 11.

With ten 8×60” jacketed columns, two GD-1 rolled film evaporators, Illuminated Extractors’ groundbreaking thermal control system, and the biggest extraction compressor we make; the R800 was built to juggle multiple extractions at once, creating product at the highest volumes possible without worrying about costly breakdowns or downtime while switching extraction modes.

This monster processes up to 300 pounds per hour and up to 2,400 pounds per eight-hour shift, processes wet and dry material, and produces all products currently available on the market.

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System specifications:

  • 395-liter extraction volume
  • 200 amp electrical service required
  • 3-phase power required
  • All stainless steel design for cGMP compliance
  • LPG-rated valves
  • Explosion-proof scale
  • Clean-in-place washdown rail
  • Nylon biomass inserts
  • Capable of processing up to 300 pounds per hour

*Please note: the actual throughput will vary depending on the desired final product, solvent blend, and other factors.

Included with every Behemoth R800:

  • 500-pound ASME supply tank
  • GD-1 solvent recovery system
  • Dual recovery tanks for simultaneous, independent operations
  • Dual jacketed filtration/CRC columns
  • Four jacketed crash columns
  • Custom stand
  • Oil separators
  • User manual and Standard Operating Procedure manual
  • Recovery pump
  • Clamps & hoses

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