Rotary Cannabinoid Miner

The perfect tool for innovative labs that want to maximize extraction capabilities.

Using butane, propane, and other pressurized solvents, our Rotary Cannabinoid Miner serves a dual purpose: cannabinoid isomerization, so you can create potent concentrates, and collecting product isolates as fine powders, so you can grow diamonds or develop shatter.

Crash out cannabinoids and maximize your extraction process to keep up with the latest concentrate innovations.

Available in both 50- and 100-liter models so that you can offer the latest and best products, no matter the size of your lab.

System specifications:

  • 50- or 100-liter extraction volume
  • Gylon gaskets
  • ASME clamps
  • Explosion-proof motor
  • Stainless steel mixer
Rotary Cannabinoid Miner

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