The IE Sensor

Illuminated Extractors Sensor

Extract Smarter with Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Improve Your Products. Maximize Output. Eliminate Human Error. 

Extraction systems are becoming more complex. Unfortunately, countless chances for human error come with complexity. Automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are the answer. 

Simplify Processes and Automate Tasks

Most technicians use a ratio-based extraction approach. But every biomass extracts differently, so your ratio must constantly change, leaving too much potential for human error. As a result, you might either under- or over-extract, wasting time and damaging product quality. 

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Superior Extraction

You can train our AI sensor to find specific products and impurities or compare your CRC (Color Remediation Column) input and output streams to understand when all the desirable elements are removed from the media. 

Use a Trainable AI to Identify Known Spectra in Your Solvent Stream

You can train our sensor to identify different products in your solvent stream. Each sensor follows the same calibration sequence before shipment. You can accept trained spectra from other sensors and use a traditional pigment tracker to sample the product you want to train. You can also copy weights to the extraction sensor for live search during extraction. 

We Can Solve Your Most Significant Extraction Challenges

Our AI sensor helps you monitor solvent saturation during extraction making it easy to understand when the solvent stops picking up product as it flows through the biomass. 

You can also use this process with a post-CRC sensor to maintain an active solvent reference, making it significantly easier to understand when all the product leaves the CRC column.

  • Gain complete control over your system
  • Understand what media to use to remediate the product sampled during extraction
  • Train our AI sensor to identify similar spectra when the solvent is removed
  • Use our AI to search for products you train it to recognize
  • Better detect known contaminants through our advanced technology
  • Avoid under or over-extracting material
  • Conserve media by taking the guesswork out of selection
  • Save time and money 

Make better decisions; maximize your extraction time and processes.

General Product Features:

  • Light Control: Choose between Red, Green, Blue, White, All On (RGBW), or UV Source Lights
  •  Fast Fourier Transform (FFT): FFT helps you identify a specific product or frequency from within a mixture of noise 
  • Vertical FFT: Rather than finding a max value over the time of the entire plot, it is found only within the time sampled for each bar and immediately reset 
  • Enhanced Software: Our software can save/load spectral references and record the entire run’s raw dataset 
  •  Artificial Intelligence: You can train our sensor to identify specific spectra and much more

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