E-4K Pro Model Hydrocarbon Extractor

E-4k Pro model extractor

Learn More About The E-4K Pro Model

The E-4K Pro Model Extractor was designed for commercial operations requiring advanced extraction processes and techniques.  Capable of running both wet or dry material, it is the only extraction system on the market designed to be operated using High-Pressure Hydrocarbon Extraction (HPHE)™.  This allows the user to extract at a much higher rate to create a wide range of different extracts. 


This machine can process up to 20lbs per 8-hour shift depending on how the machine is operated and the type of material being run.  Keep all of your electronics out of the classified area by utilizing our Fluid Transfer Plate for thermodynamic manipulation of the system.  

Included with this Model:

         -   User Manual & Copy of Certification/Technical Report

         -   Custom Stand

         -   Oil Separator / Gas Dryer

         -   Supply Tank

         -   Clamps & Hoses

         -   Jacketed Column: 4” x 48” 5Lb (Max)

         -   Jacketed Basin

         -   Huber CC-505 Chilling Recirculator

         -   Huber Heating Recirculator

         -   Haskel EXT-420

         -   50 Mesh Nylon Socks 

         -   PTFE & Viton Gaskets

         -   LPG Rated Valves

         -   Fluid Transfer Plate

         -   Explosion-Proof Scale

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