The Da Vinci Sensor

The Da Vinci Sensor

Price: $2,595.00

Features & Benefits Included with The Da Vinci Sensor :

          •  Track Mantle & Head Probe Temperatures

          •  Ambient Sensor to Compensate for Vacuum Pressure

          •  Digital Vacuum Pressure Readout

          •  Light Sensor Sees 58 bit Color (288 Quadrillion Colors)

          •  Custom Software Included

          •  Free Lifetime Automatic Software Updates

          •  Beer-Lambert Cuvette to determine concentration

          •  Sensor can determine purity/clarity

          •  Data Logging and playback with Open Source

          •  Will fit on any Short-Path System (24/40 Standard)

          •  USB 3.0 Power Supply

          •  Visual Plot of Sensory Data Log

          •  Absorbance & Transmittance Data

          •  Set Personal Alerts for Worry-Free Operation

          •  Collect Accurate Fractions for consistent products

          •  Improved Run-Times

          •  Great Short-Path Training Tool

          •  Great for Beginners and Experienced Users Alike

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