Hydrocarbon Extraction

Behemoth 3-way Valve

We are experts in both Butane and Propane extraction methods.  Whether extracting to make wax, shatter, live resin, terp sauce or crude oil, we have you covered.

Short-Path Distillation

Table Top Distillation Equipment

We are experts at producing high quality distillate by accurately separating your heads, bodies and tails.

Crystallization & Isolation

CBDA Crystal

Several different methods for producing isolates to fit any budget.  Standard Operating Procedures for separation and recovery of your solvents from your mother liquor.

Water Soluble Products

Hemp derivied Terpenes

Water miscible products and product formulations. Consulting Nano-emulsions and dry powder techniques for increased bioavailability.

Facility Design

E-4K Laboratory drawing

We can design any size facility with all necessary laboratory equipment within a MIP license or cGMP Facility and commercial kitchen.

Consulting Proficiencies


Tricks of the trade to remove and save terpenes from biomass, crude oil or recovery from your heads fraction on a short path distillation.