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Behemoth Pro Model Extractor

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     The Behemoth Pro Model Extractor is the largest and fastest hydrocarbon extractor designed specifically for Hemp and Cannabis on the market today.  All 10 columns can be operated independently or simultaneously for constant operation.  Dual sided recovery tanks allow the user to process multiple cultivars or for separate clients.  Each jacketed column comfortably holds 18.5 lbs of milled material.

Included with this model:

          - User Manual & SOP

          - Custom Stand

          - Oil Separator

         - Supply Tank

         - Clamps & Hoses

         - Jacketed Columns: 6” x 48” (x10)

         - Jacketed De-waxing columns: 6” x 36” (x2)

         - Dual Recovery Tanks for independant  operation

         - Chilling Recirculator for condenser and inner tank coil

         - Heating Recirculators

         - Recovery Pump

System Specifications

          - Capable of High Pressure Hydrocarbon Extraction™

          - AMSE U-Stamped Tanks

          - Clean in Place (CIP) Washdown Rail

          - Explosion Proof Vacuum Pump

          - 222.2 Liter Extraction Volume

         - 200 Amp Electrical Service is Required

         - 3 Phase Power is Required

         - 150 Mesh Nylon Socks

         - All Stainless Steel Design for cGMP

         - Turnkey Crude Oil Extractor

         - LPG Rated Valves

         - Explosion Proof Scale

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